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Don’t Replace - Refinish!

Nothing looks worse in a bathroom than an old and grimy looking bathtub. The cost of replacement can be high, not to mention the inconvenience. We understand that it’s not that you don’t try to keep your bath looking clean. It’s just old, the surface is marred and it stains. Get that old bathtub refinished by our professional team of experts. We will have it sparkling and looking as good as new in no time. In fact, by the time we’ve worked our magic, you will swear that it is a brand new bathtub. Bathtubs don’t last forever. If yours has seen better days, don’t get it replaced. Bring it back to life and have it refinished by Pristine Coating.

Replacing old and worn out tiles throughout your home will not only mean a major renovation with lots of downtimes, it’s also very costly but did you know you can have your tiles refinished instead for a fraction of the cost and in much quicker time? Whether it’s just a bathroom, kitchen, or the entire house, Pristine Coating has got you covered. We will inspect the premises and work out a quote for you. Once you agree to go ahead, our expert team will set to work and perform our magic. Your tiles will be gleaming by the time we’re done and your home will literally come back to life. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on replacing perfectly good assets, instead call Pristine Coating and restore and refinish!

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