Bathtub Refinishing

Is your old bathtub looking really tired and worn out? Has it seen better days?
Well, you have two choices. You can either purchase a brand new one, which can become expensive, or have it beautifully restored to its former glory by employing the expert refinishing services of Pristine Coating.
Our technicians are masters of their craft and take pride in their work. In fact, we are so sure about the quality of our services that we are willing to offer a 5 year guarantee on all our work. Now that’s hard to beat.
Don’t put up with a dilapidated old bathtub a moment longer. Get in touch with the bathtub refinishing professionals at Pristine Coating.
Our service areas include: San Pablo, Bay Area: North, South and East

Tile Refinishing

Nothing looks uglier than tiles that are old and grimy from years of wear and tear. Old tiles can really detract from the look of your bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere in the home that has tiles. Even when they have been meticulously mopped and cleaned they can still look dirty just because of their age.
That’s where Pristine Coating comes to the rescue. Imagine the expense and inconvenience of having to re-tile your kitchen, bathrooms, or the entire house! With our tile refinishing services we can have your tiles looking like new again for a fraction of the replacement price and in much quicker time.
Don’t let those old tiles mar the look of your home. Call the expert and friendly team at Pristine Coating for a quote today.
Our service areas include: San Pablo, Bay Area: North, South and East

Sink Refinishing

Sink Refinishing
Even if the rest of your bathroom looks fine, if your sink looks old, worn out and permanently stained, it will detract from the entire look of the room. We know what it’s like. You scrub and scrub, but it just never comes up looking clean and shiny anymore. Maybe you’ve even been contemplating replacing the entire sink, but that can be costly and time consuming.
Instead, give us a call at Pristine Coating for a quote on refinishing your tired old sinks. We can have them sparkling and looking like new again. Sink refinishing is a cheaper alternative to replacement and we offer some of the very best prices in the business. Satisfaction guaranteed and backed by our 5 year warranty.
So don’t replace – Refinish! Get in touch with our expert and friendly team today.
Our service areas include: San Pablo, Bay Area: North, South and East

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is something we added recently. Cabinet Refinishing is a quick, convenient update that can give your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time and cost. We have all the modern colors to choose from. We even do repairs on corner chips or fill in holes for fresh clean smooth look.

Countertop Refinishing

Countertop Refinishing
If you want to save thousands of dollars and countless man hours on replacing your tired and worn countertops, then consider having them resurfaced and refinished by the refinishing specialists at Pristine Coating.
Our techs are true craftsmen and can have those countertops looking their sparkling best in no time at all, and for a fraction of the price of replacing them. So don’t replace – Refinish instead. Make your kitchens and bathrooms gleam like new again. Proudly show off the results to your family and friends. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 5 year warranty.
Rejuvenate those tired old countertops. Give the experts at Pristine Coating a call to arrange a quote. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
Our service areas include: San Pablo, Bay Area: North, South and Eastbay.

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